ICO platform COMSA releases Comsa Hub beta on tesnet

Today Tech Bureau Holdings, Corp., a fintech and cryptocurrency solutions company, announced it has limitedly released the COMSA HUB beta version (testnet) today, which is part of the software development business for the COMSA one-stop ICO platform, for which the company took over responsibility from Tech Bureau, Corp., its affiliated entity headquartered in Osaka.

COMSA HUB is software that provided to license holders of the mijin private blockchain, and it acts to control the balance of tokens between the corporate’s master accounts on the public blockchain and the internal of the private counting.


While maintaining the continuous surveillance on the deposit of which has been transacted to the corporate’s account on a public blockchain and locking the balance, simultaneously, equivalent tokens are issued and transacted to an applicable internal account on the corporate’s mijin private blockchain.

When the system detects the withdrawal of tokens, the tokens will be burnt on the mijin private blockchain, and will be transacted to an applicable address on the public blockchain after unlocking the applicable cryptocurrency on the public blockchain or the tokens.

For this testing version of the COMSA One-Stop ICO Platform, the Bitcoin blockchain and mijin blockchain are connected to each other, and is enable to convert the BTC on the public blockchain and the BTC tokens (BTC:mijin) on private blockchain seamlessly.

By continuing the improvements on the UI/UX, and by creating images of the practical use via a limited release to corporates and organizations who are licensed with mijin, the company is aiming to release the official version around the Winter this year.

Usage Case – Currency within VR

By utilizing COMSA, tokens which are issued on the public blockchain can be easily shifted over to a VR World internal counting which uses mijin private blockchain, the balance will be automatically controlled by COMSA HUB.

mijin private blockchain counts the balance of VR tokens, and instead of just disabling to tamper, it realizes auditability by third-party via API and also able to prevent in advance from fraudulent manipulation of balance, etc.

Due to these elements, which also signifies that fraudulent manipulation by the administrator is almost impossible, the users are able to use under a safe VR environment which also can be rephrased as a guaranteed environment of consistency of cryptocurrency/tokens and its balance.

For example, it is possible to convert BTC to BTC:mijin on mijin private blockchain within VR, which consists an equivalent value, and then send it to another user. The user who received the BTC:mijin could then consume as it is a cryptocurrency for the transactions within the VR, and also able to use outside of VR.

Near term roadmap


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