Cloudbric cyber security database set to open for contributions and token rewards

Cloudbric, the South Korean provider of web security, has announced the launch of its decentralized threat database (Threat DB) will take place on April 29th. The threat database is a community-driven threat intelligence database for both end users and organizations to view a variety of threat information.

Until now, threat intelligence has been highly privatized, meaning security vendors are continuously collecting vast amounts of emerging cyber threat information but are not making it accessible for public use.

Instead, vendors typically use it for their own personal gain as discussed in-depth on the Cloudbric whitepaper. With the launch of Threat DB, users have access to threat information (hacker wallet addresses, phishing URL, blacklisted IPs) without restrictions. Cloubric is aiming to develop Threat DB into one of the largest decentralized global databases of cyber threat information and will be made transparent for public use.

However, it’s not just for end users to benefit: Developers or companies interested in using the data from Threat DB can do so through Cloudbric’s API, which is set to be available at a later release date.

With the CLB Reward System, anyone can earn cryptocurrency by signing up and contributing to Threat DB.

Users have the opportunity to get compensated in the form of cryptocurrency simply by adding valuable threat information to the database (to be verified by Cloudbric’s team of security experts). In the future, existing Cloudbric users will also have the opportunity to be rewarded simply by submitting their logs following a hacking episode.

Although Threat DB only offers a collection of hacker fraud addresses, phishing URLs and blacklisted IPs for viewing and contributing at its beta stage, Cloudbric is striving to continuously expand the service and will add more threat data in the future.