launches token offering platform with 1st project CNNS, a cryptocurrency exchange company, has introduced Startup, its new initial exchange offering and token launch platform that aims to provide users with access to blockchain projects.

Trading service will be enabled once a startup project fulfills its fundraising goal. Startup has launched this week, with an offering for Crypto Neo-value Neural (CNNS) as the inagural project. does not charge any listing fees and seeks to provide its users with a transparent and secure environment. has been making an effort to improve the situation where exchanges tend to ask for high listing fees and where blockchain investors have limited access to accurate and transparent information.

Introduction to CNNS

CNNS, short for Crypto Neo-value Neural, intends to build a vibrant blockchain ecosphere to facilitate users to discover, invest in, and exchange information and values of crypto assets.

The CNNS Ecosphere contains four modules: CNNS Information Terminal (CIT), CNNS Asset Management Platform (CAMP), CNNS Value Exchange Platform (CVEP) and CNNS Global Community (CGC).