NEM (XEM) token now supported on Lykke Exchange

Lykke, a Swiss-based bitcoin and blockchain asset exchange, announced this week that it has joined the list of crypto exchanges where users can buy NEM.

As of now, Lykke Exchange has enabled deposits, withdrawals, and trading of the XEM cryptocurrency in the XEM/BTC and XEM/USD markets. NEM is one of the top 25 cryptocurrency projects according to market capitalization data and consequently, XEM, its native asset, is a constituent of Lykke’s LyCI crypto index.


NEM is built from scratch as a powerful and streamlined platform for application developers of all kinds, not just as a digital currency. Using NEM in your application is as simple as making RESTful JSON API calls allowing you to configure your own “Smart Assets” and make use of NEM’s powerful blockchain platform as your fast, secure and scalable solution. Configured for your use, NEM is suitable for an amazing variety of solution classes, such as direct public transactions via a streamlined smartphone app, efficient cloud services that connect client or web applications, or a high-performance permissioned enterprise back-end for business-critical record keeping.


The native currency of the NEM public blockchain. It is used to pay for transactions on this public blockchain in order to incentivize its network of public nodes that process and record transactions for businesses and users there. This means that XEM has real fundamental value as the currency of a functioning economy.