Cosmos Network: Bity goes live as validator; Lunie UI goes into beta testing

Bity, a crypto finance platform revealed earlier this week that it is now a validator on the Cosmos Network, the recently launched ecosystem of connected blockchains. Bity is one of the initial validators on the network which was launched on mainnet just last month, enabling users to stake ATOMs and receive a passive income.

According to Bity, staking ATOMs with them means users can gain income passively without having to purchase or invest in capital intensive mining equipment. Staking with them also means there will be no chance of missed blocks, as they are offering users 100 percent uptime with highly reliable mining infrastructure.

Lunie User Interface

In a separate development, Lunie, which prides itself as the first fully featured UI for interacting with the Cosmos Hub also announced that it is now available in an open beta mode.

Lunie bills itself as a single solution for trading Cosmos tokens, viewing transaction history, delegating ATOMs, participating in governance, and claiming rewards on the Cosmos Hub. Interested users can go to to access the open beta.

The Cosmos network aims to be ‘an Internet of blockchains’ which will potentially solve the existing issues between different blockchains working together. With the Cosmos network, different projects which hinge off the same network can exchange coins effortlessly using Tendermint and the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC).

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