All-in-one cryptocurrency payment ecosystem HUPAYX ready to launch

Human Plus, a South Korean startup specializing in developing a crypto payment platform recently unveiled its human-centric payment solution with efficient cryptocurrency utilization ecosystem called HUPAYX that aims to transform payment infrastructure with its blockchain cryptocurrency payment platform.

Human Plus is already making waves in South Korea by forming strategic partnerships called “Alliance Group” and attracting talent to drive adoption of cryptocurrencies and government-based regional currencies that would serve as a means of payment at any store or business location.

“Traditional payment infrastructure is not suitable to utilize cryptocurrencies in our everyday lives nor does it help us to eradicate existing cash ecosystem as a whole,” Aibek Amandanov, Head of Global Marketing Team at Human Plus.

Human Plus also reported it has successfully signed four MOUs with companies from England, Estonia, and Australia.

HUPAYX platform features

HUPAYX is a payment platform that provides all the features of the cryptocurrency payments, and consists of H-Wallet, H-POS, and H-Exchange. When customers want to use cryptocurrency as a payment method at any store, they can immediately build a cryptocurrency payment system using the HUPAYX platform.

Even if they are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, the HUPAYX platform can be easily used by both customers and merchants because it uses the same UI/UX method as that of a conventional POS settlement. In addition, without a dedicated H-POS terminal, the H-POS app can be installed on smartphones to use the mobile payment

Converting cryptocurrency into stablecoin at the time of purchase and making settlements with the merchant in stablecoin are the cornerstones of the HUPAYX payment method. When settled in stablecoin, the risk is minimized, unlike with traditional cryptocurrency payments. Customers also have a simple payment experience, by either using their smartphone to scan a QR code, making a direct transfer via the HUPAY app, or by making a card payment using an exclusive HUPAY card.

HUP, the fuel for the HUPAYX ecosystem

The HUP token can be purchased through token sales, or purchased through cryptocurrency exchange where HUPs are traded. Additionally, HUPs are also provided to miners who maintain HUPAYX networks through transaction validation and block generation.

HUP Use Cases
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