Zebpay enables users to make Bitcoin Lightning Network payments

Zebpay, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, has announced it has launched its Lightning Network integration. As of now, Zebpay customers from around the world can use the BTC balances on their Zebpay wallet to make payments on the Lightning Network.

This marks Zebpay’s first entrance into the Lightning Network space for public use. Zebpay is also one of the first exchange’s to embrace payments through the Lightning Network.

Users of Zebpay can make up to 10 transactions a day with amounts as low as 1 Satoshi. The maximum daily transaction value is 0.002 BTC. These limits will continue to be revised as roll out moves ahead. Users can start using Lightning immediately by signing into their wallet and activating the Lightning tab.

“Making Bitcoin technology widely accessible is a key component of our roadmap. Today, with the integration of the Lightning Network, we have taken yet another step in this direction.”

Ajeet Khurana, CEO, Zebpay

Zebpay is available cross-platform on Web, Android, and iOS.

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