Mobile network as a service QLC Chain officially starts enterprise client adoption

An official announcement from Montnets Group on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which has a market capitalization of 10 billion RMB, has released their adoption plan of QLC Chain based on Montnets Consensus, a joint venture company between the Montnets Group and QLC Chain with the initial registered capital of 10 million RMB.

The plans between Montnets and QLC Chain includes signing a $2 million USD sales MOU with Montnets for purchasing QLC and QGAS token to deploy related communication service on QLC chain. The tokens will be purchased from the public market.

The joint venture marks the beginning of QLC Chain’s enterprise client adoption. The collaboration was first announced back in June 2018.

According to the agreement of the two parties, in the coming 1–2 years, Montnets consensus will generate anon-chain communication service demand, amounting to 300 million RMB, in the Greater China market.

Based on the above strategic objectives, Montnets Consensus will revolve around the Montnets’ cloud communication service business to establish an underlying open source platform utilizing DLT that meets industry application requirements, guarantees low access thresholds, security, independence, ease of use and scalability.

On March 31st, QLC Chain has launched its mainnet and the Global SMS Billing platform. The new entity has completed initial testing with this trusted communication platform, including the global anti-fraud traceability of SMS and data services, as well as the inter-carrier billing settlement development. QLC Chain has demonstrated its own consensus mechanism based ledger and security privacy protection technology.

It was also announced today that the QLC token and Q-Gas will be listed on BitAsset in mid-April.

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