Decentralized bitcoin exchange Bisq provides final updates before DAO goes live

Bisq, the decentralized bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, today provided some much-needed enhancements to the application before the Bisq DAO goes live on mainnet. The Bisq DAO will enable value transfer from traders to contributors. The BSQ token makes this possible in a decentralized way. Trading fees are distributed to contributors without the confines of a corporation or other legal entity, keeping Bisq stateless and sovereign.

The updates not only include enhancements around the Bisq DAO, but also include bug fixes for Tor startup, improvements in message handling and many more minor bug fixes.

It was also confirmed that support for 4 new crypto assets has been added including: Amitycoin (AMIT), Navcoin (NAV), Qwertycoin (QWC), and XDR (XDR0).

Updates can be found below:

Bisq DAO (on DAO Testnet)

– Lots of UI improvements
– Show the correct BSQ or BTC trading fee if it is maker or taker
– Add Facts & Figures section
– Make vote result JSON deterministic
– Add transaction id to proposal display
– Add feedback popup for DAO test users
– Add hash of DAO state
– Don’t show locally rejected proposals as accepted in UI
– Improve data structure, validation, and performance
– Add mining fee to un/lock bond popup
– Add ISSUANCE_LIMIT param and check for max issuance per cycle
– Prevent BSQ offers below dust limit
– Add irregular txType, add a check for total balance, prevent proposal withhold attack
– Add missing check for mandatory BSQ output
– Fix get all bonds not returning not active bonds


– Add removed deprecated payment methods again as it would break trade history
– Set max buyer’s security deposit to 20% instead of 10%
– Improve the broadcasting of transactions
– Suppress popup at shutdown when open offers are disabled
– Increase request timeouts


– Improve restore wallet from seed process
– Fix missing balance at restore from seed words


– Lots of typos and grammar mistakes fixed
– Show close button when creating an offer without a required account
– Show fiat rounding info popup also when switching between payment accounts
– Fix the error and improve wording for security deposit
– Fix BTC status incorrectly hidden on the splash screen
– Make create offer label cases easier to translate


– Use the latest bitcoinj version
– Move clear blockstore feature to bitcoinj


– Fix exception handling during Tor setup
– Update Netlayer to 0.6.5


– Added market metric