Blockchain privacy platform Particl launches multi-wallets on desktop

Cryptocurrency privacy platform Particl has announced the addition of multi-wallet functionality to Particl Desktop. While the multi-wallets feature has always been accessible to a part of the Particl system, Particl is bringing it to its desktop version. Users will now be able to manage multiple accounts without needing to restart or change any of the wallet data.

Data Isolation and Privacy

An important part of multi-wallets on Particl desktop is that the wallets retain their individuality even though they are all on the same platform. This means that wallet information is never shared across different wallets managed on Particl Desktop, reducing the risk of a security breach or accidental wallet merge.

The main selling point of the multi-wallet desktop feature is security and privacy enhancement. All multi-wallets are independently encrypted and all have separate passwords. Wallet data is also isolated, reducing the chances of a cross-wallet breach. Managing multiple wallets on Particl Desktop operates the same way as using multiple computers to manage different wallets.

The existing method for managing multiple wallets involves a number of processes including shutting down and restarting Particl Desktop. Apart from the inherent inconvenience, This method puts user data just one misclick away from either being lost or leaked.

Added Security Features

The new multi-wallet feature also integrates Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet which automatically generates new deposit addresses to protect the wallet users. This is because, with deposit addresses, history of previous transactions are left unprotected and can be traced. The multi-wallet feature generates new addresses for every transaction made on each wallet ensuring complete privacy for users.

Another security feature that comes with multi-wallet is the Coin Control Feature. Multi-wallets allow users to create new wallets for different purposes. An excerpt from Particle’s announcement says:  “This method of securing your privacy by isolating the wallets from each other [goes] really well with the privacy protocols of the PART coin. In fact, users can achieve much stronger privacy by combining RingCT/CT transactions to a solid wallet isolation strategy.”

Apart from providing extra security, creating new wallets for different purposes gives users an edge when they are cold staking. Users can create different cold staking nodes and link them to their different wallets so even if one node goes down, the others remain unaffected.