Cryptium Labs receives Tezos Foundation grant to develop protocol improvements

The Tezos Foundation, the support arm of the Tezos protocol and ecosystem, today announced that Cryptium Labs has received an additional grant to develop baking and consensus improvements that may be implemented to the Tezos core protocol.

With this grant, Cryptium Labs will build a new account system which, if implemented via the Tezos amendment process, will allow bakers to define their baking operations through Michelson smart contracts.

Cryptium Labs is a Switzerland-based, blockchain-agnostic staking service and protocol development company that has actively contributed to the Tezos ecosystem since the launch of the Tezos network in June 2018. The Cryptium Labs team is led by Adrian Brink, Awa Sun Yin, and Christopher Goes. All three have extensive experience as protocol researchers and engineers, notably with the Cosmos project and Tendermint Core.

The purpose of Cryptium Labs’ development efforts is to provide Tezos bakers with greater flexibility by increasing the degrees of freedom regarding operational security and to enable bakers to engineer more advanced products around baking

Cryptium Labs will also collaborate with Nomadic Labs on various initiatives regarding the Tezos core protocol and other development efforts. For example, the Cryptium Labs team is already working with Nomadic and others on a variant of Tendermint consensus, a mechanism inspired by classical BFT research in distributed systems, to add finality to Tezos.

The Tezos Foundation’s core mission is to support the long-term success of the Tezos protocol and ecosystem. By funding projects created by scientists, researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, the Foundation encourages decentralized development and robust participation.