Listia launches P2P marketplace implementing Ink Protocol’s blockchain rep system

Listia, a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace with more than ten million registered users, today announced the public beta launch of Replin, a platform that allows consumers to sell goods and services on any marketplace, while earning public, transferable reputation – allowing them to carry their merchant rating across any platform they use.

Utilizing Replin, buyers can leave feedback for every transaction, helping sellers not only improve any trouble areas, but also ensuring they carry over their hard-earned good reputation across platforms. Unlike current systems, reputation and feedback data are stored via Ink Protocol, a decentralized, blockchain-based reputation system – so no centralized third-party owns all the seller’s data.

Conventional online P2P marketplaces store only the reputation and feedback of their own users, making it very difficult for sellers to branch out to other marketplaces or to find new buyers. Transactions occur directly through an open payment platform with the full backing of a universally trusted network. All of the associated feedback, reputation and transaction history is completely decentralized and stored via Ink Protocol, and made publicly available, transferable between marketplaces, permanent and viewable by everyone.

“Prospective buyers are now able to easily look up any seller’s public reputation on every marketplace before deciding whether or not to buy from them. This creates a global trust and reputation network that works across all kinds of marketplaces, eradicating uncertainty and reducing the risk associated with P2P online shopping.”

Gee-Hwan Chuang, co-founder, and chief executive officer of Listia

Replin gives buyers and sellers the freedom to use all their favorite marketplaces together, regardless of what goods or services they are selling. Additionally, sellers always have the option to move to new marketplaces without rebuilding their entire profile and reputation.

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