Zilliqa reveals the 3rd wave of grants for blockchain ecosystem

Zilliqa, the blockchain technology platform based on research from a team of computer scientists at the National University of Singapore, today announced the third wave of the Zilliqa ecosystem grant awardees.

The $5 million grant program launched by Zilliqa in June 2018 is geared toward developers for building utilities and apps that will help power a new class of high-speed and secure blockchain apps in payments, finance, gaming, digital advertising, media, and more.

The ultimate goal of the program is to accelerate the development of new applications on their open source technology platform. Zilliqa is a project that has brought together leading academics, engineers, and entrepreneurs with the goal of building a better blockchain infrastructure that is scalable and secure.

The Third Wave of Awardees











Ecosystem Grant Program Update

With the public announcement of the 3rd wave of grant recipients, Zilliqa also shared some recent updates they’ve made to the grant program structure. The program now has three defined tracks in order to better engage with and guide developers and teams who are interested in building on Zilliqa.

By way of this new streamlined system, Zilliqa hopes to scale the grant program further as the team looks toward working with wider audiences outside of the immediate blockchain industry. Zilliqa also announced it is now accepting applications for Wave 4.

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