OpenNode enables Blockstack developers to monetize apps with BTC

OpenNode, the bitcoin Lightning Network enabled payment app, today announced a new partnership with Blockstack an infrastructure for blockchain application development.

Blockstack is a popular decentralized hosting service for building, developing, and distributing decentralized apps. OpenNode will enable Blockstack developers to easily monetize, so they can take their apps to market.

OpenNode considers this a call to all developers wanting to build with the simplest, most powerful tools in the bitcoin development arena.

Free Virtual Workshop

To kick off the new partnership, OpenNode is co-hosting a free virtual workshop about how to monetize your app led by our CTO João Almeida and Lead Developer Rui Gomes on April 9th at 12 PM EST. This will be the first of many co-hosted workshops, hackathons, bounties, competitions and more.

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