Cryptocurrency exchange BitBay launches OTC service

BitBay, a bitcoin and crypto exchange based out of Poland, and the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Central and Eastern Europe, today introduced a crypto-to-fiat over-the-counter trading desk.

BitBay’s OTC provides a platform to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in large amounts (blocks) at a fixed price. It is a solution for institutional clients and high-volume individuals to get access to a large number of digital assets priced in USD, EUR, GBP, PLN, and other fiat currencies globally.

The technology behind the BitBay OTC service allows users to benefit from dozens of liquidity pools connected in one place. Furthermore, RFQ enables users to receive information about a current price in milliseconds before deciding to execute the trade.

Additionally, BitBay offers access to one of the leading clearing services specialized in cryptocurrencies. This allows clients to get institutional-grade access to digital asset markets across the globe, without the need to send a single dollar to BitBay.

BitBay OTC Overview

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