THÉO Project launches Syná Desktop for fully integrated crypto wallet suite

The THÉO Project announced today the release of Syná desktop, the latest addition to its cryptocurrency wallet library. Syná for desktop is an easy to use application available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It incorporates the accessibility features available in the Syná Mobile and Syná+ Chrome plugin while offering added utility to users by integrating support for Ledger hardware.

The Syná product suite, including the desktop wallet, initially launched on the Aion blockchain proxy with plans to expand support to Ethereum by Spring 2019.

“We are currently developing a V2 release for spring which will incorporate Ethereum into the Syná desktop wallet library. We anticipate the Syná desktop wallet will initially be the most utilized of our wallet library with a prime focus on storage and interaction with trading platforms. As the industry continues to build to enable more advanced utility, this fully integrated product suite will enable seamless interaction with mobile dApps and e-commerce vendors. The V2 desktop wallet will incorporate a sleek portfolio page with quick access to your Aion and ETH wallets, a visualized representation of portfolio distribution and user-friendly sending and receiving.”

Amanda Dorenberg, Chief Marketing Technology Officer of the THÉO Project

The aim of the THÉO Project is to build a suite of products that enables mass adoption of decentralized applications and cryptocurrency more generally. Maintaining its goal to address some of the crypto challenges to date, the Syná wallet library is driven to deliver a clean user experience with simplicity rather than overbearing features.

As noted by Dorenberg, “The release of the Syná Desktop wallet is the next step in our overarching goal to usher wider adoption of decentralization, providing our consumers with the ability to securely maintain one’s wealth and intuitively manage assets. We’re moving quickly to provide as much utility as possible while ensuring a broader vision with regards to dApps and their capabilities. We have a deep-rooted understanding of blockchain and crypto, but it is our business expertise and vision that fuels us to continue to advance the features and capabilities of our products within this evolving industry.”

Syná will also introduce a full API solution, being the first wholly integrated suite of cryptocurrency wallet solutions that are developed specifically to integrate other dApps and business offerings. The THÉO Project and its parent company, Centrys Inc., have spent a substantial amount of time in blockchain development working both with venture businesses and blockchain proxy’s to advance global decentralized solutions. The team combined their venture, business, and deep technical expertise with leaders in digital product design to ensure that THÉO solutions offer a friendlier, more accessible, and intuitive experience.

“As wallets continue to realize their vision of being an end users “window” into their activity on the blockchain we’re excited to see how the THÉO Project and Syná continue to develop. This suite of tools already puts itself well ahead of the market as a platform agnostic experience that meets the user where he or she is, instead of forcing the user to modify their behavior. We’re very excited to see the impact that great product experiences like this have on the broader ecosystem.”

Mike Mason, VP, Aion Foundation

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