æternity invests in SatoshiPay, integrates micropayments and smart contract support

æternity, the blockchain developer ecosystem, has today announced they have acquired a stake in SatoshiPay during their latest funding round, integrating the micropayment services platform as part of a wider push to put in place the building blocks of a fully integrated value chain for blockchain developers.

The partnership will also see SatoshiPay supporting the æternity ecosystem by running nodes and hosting meetups. æternity took part in the SatoshiPay funding round alongside Börsenmedien AG, AERGO of South Korea, Daniel Masters of CoinShares and SatoshiPay CEO Meinhard Benn.

As SatoshiPay seeks to make their blockchain-based micropayments service the fastest to date, they theoretically require in-excess of 2000+ transactions-per-second (TPS) to accommodate their rapidly growing customer base that requires high throughput. One such expected customer, is Axel Springer SE, Europe’s largest digital content company that owns a portfolio of brands that includes Business Insider, Bild, Die Welt and Upday, who recently announced a partnership with SatoshiPay allowing users to pay for digital content with cryptocurrency stored in the SatoshiPay wallet.

æternity’s high TPS rate, state channels, and practically free transactions fit itself to SatoshiPay to build a service that is not possible on alternative blockchains. Additionally, æternity’s private smart contracts within State Channels offer SatoshiPay’s corporate clients a viable and decentralized model of protecting digital content and other intellectual property. The interesting thing about æternity’s State Channels, is, once opened, transactions within state channels are free of charge (no fee, only fee for opening and closing a channel) making this function particularly well suited for micropayments.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Yanislav Malahov, Founder of æternity” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“Acquiring a stake in SatoshiPay enables æternity to integrate a nanopayment solution with prime partners into our thriving blockchain ecosystem, where applications are built on the foundation of blockchain and smart contracts. Open source developers will be able to integrate nanopayment functionality via SatoshiPay for any types of digital content, data or services.”[/perfectpullquote]

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Meinhard Benn, CEO of SatoshiPay” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“æternity’s ability to deliver high throughput and extremely low-cost instant transactions through built-in state channels is a unique feature we need in our platform. In addition to this, æternity supports smart contracts in a way that other payment-focused blockchains do not, so this will be a great additional feature that we look forward to offering our customers through our upcoming B2B multi-ledger platform.”[/perfectpullquote]

æternity currently runs over 20 projects through æternity Starfleet, their incubator and accelerator for blockchain startups, which aims to become decentralized itself. æternity Ventures, the venture capital arm of æternity, oversaw the SatoshiPay investment and also coordinates direct investments in blockchain projects which are still in their early stages. There are also numerous community projects, that are building on the æternity blockchain.

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