Nodesmith enables blockchain node host service for Ethereum

In furtherance to achieving its goals towards simplifying the dApp building process, Nodesmith, a hosting and management provider of scalable blockchain node infrastructure, has released an Ethereum beta version on its platform.

The beta version is designed to eliminate the propagation of calls to eth_getLogs towards the underlying nodes, directing them automatically to Nodesmith’s event cache.

A Self Supporting Ecosystem

Speed is an important factor in the output level of any given developer. Just like a slow internet, unwanted drag during the development and building of dApps is not only frustrating, but can also be distractive. By releasing its beta version which is focused on improving the speed of building on both Ethereum and Aion, Nodesmith claims to have achieved a fundamental solution that contributes towards the mainstream adoption of the technology as a whole.

Despite the growing popularity of blockchain as a technology that has the capacity to impact the world positively, achieving the appropriate conditions for significant adoption has been difficult. Institutional measures have been slow and far-between, while government legislations aren’t all that favorable yet. Therefore, it appears to be incumbent on the technology to find its own place of inevitable adoption through simplification.

Taking it One Step at a Time

According to Nodesmith’s update, this conviction on the important role of blockchain in today’s world is key towards the innovations and developments on its platform. However, the project is adopting the approach of pragmatic idealism, which explains its methodology of an incremental development system.

Prior to this time, Nodesmith has gone into partnership with Aion Foundation to provide simple and scalable JSON RPC API access to Aion network nodes. Therefore, the company describes this recent beta launch as another step towards the provision of the foundational infrastructure of Web3, thereby creating more options for developers.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Brendan Lee, Co-founder & CEO of Nodesmith” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Our API is compliant with the standard Ethereum JSON RPC interface — we think it’s critically important for developers to have multiple options when it comes to node providers — including the ability to always switch back to a local node with a single config change.”[/perfectpullquote]

Some of the functionalities released on the beta platform are as follows:

Having been released to the public, Nodesmith notes that it looks forward to supporting the community as they try out the platform over the next few weeks. Also, feedbacks and reports on bugs are expected to be received.

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