QLC Chain strengthens first telecom blockchain development with 5G approaching

QLC Chain (previously Qlink), the public blockchain for decentralized Network-as-a-Service continues to strengthen its public chain development with the advent of 5G. It is the world’s first infrastructure level public chain with embedded telecom service capabilities, including billing, security and the trusted Cross-Carrier Payment Systems (CCPS).

Other than billing and clearance, QLC will also develop user identity authentication and authorization solutions for network access, as well as IPV6 P2P addressing functions, in the future. They are the essential parts of the QLC Chain’s mission which is to create a secure and trusted environment for telecom service providers at the same time to narrow down the digital divide by leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology, to deliver high-quality telecom service to the 4 billion unconnected people in the remote area.

In terms of technology structure, QLC Chain adopts the innovative multidimensional Block Lattice structure with programmed smart contracts on top of it, which is an industrial high-performance structure. The Directed Acyclic Graph structured architecture has high scalability with a transaction per second(TPS) number as high as 7,000. With QLC chain as the infrastructure, each operator around the world can issue their own token to enhance their competitiveness, increase credibility and at the same time lower the operating cost.

The testnet with explorer and wallet, recognized and praised by community members, has already been online since October 2018.

The next milestone for the public chain development team would be delivering the global SMS billing and clearance system that has the capability of facilitating 20 billion transactions per year, by the end of March 2019.

In the A2P SMS industry, the clearance market is not as standardized and transparent as the financial industry. The trustworthiness of agreements made between service providers, telcos, and other related parties have been the core pain points of the global SMS business model. With the first deliverable of the QLC Chain, the public ledger will smoothen the inter-carrier clearance process and provide a trusted layer for people’s everyday use of telecom services. In return, the infrastructure will benefit every consumer and smartphone user.

Also this month, QLC announced the addition of Wen Yuangui to the team as Senior Public Chain Developer. Wen will lead the development of BlockLattice-based public chain for telecom services. Wen Yuangui has over 10 years experience with Huawei Technologies, one of the largest telecommunication equipment vendors in the world. Wen was responsible for developing various routing protocols, during which time earned multiple patents. In 2018, Wen devoted himself to the blockchain technologies industry, and successfully developed a blockchain big data collection system from on-chains, mainstream exchanges and news platforms. We believe that Wen will bring ample relevant knowledge and experience to the project.

“It is an exciting opportunity to join QLC Chain. I believe that what QLC Chain is working on would be the next step of telecommunication industry evolution, advancing operators’ technology and business model at the same time enhancing the next generation telecom service users’ experience. I am honored to be one of the team members and feel privileged having the pertinent experience to contribute,” said Mr. Yuangui.