0xcert launches decentralized exchange for the transfer of NFTs

0xcert, a protocol aiming to provide the foundation for trustless, non-fungible tokens on the blockchain, announced the official launch of its decentralized exchange that seeks to redefine the transfer of NFTs – SwapMarket.

SwapMarket is a platform that harnesses 0xcert’s open-source protocol to provide the first-ever atomic swap for non-fungible asset and fungible token batches.

On SwapMarket, a group (or a pair) of traders can transfer multiple fungible (ERC-20) tokens, transfer various non-fungible (ERC-721) tokens, transfer multiple ERC-721 non-compliant nonfungible tokens (e.g., CryptoKitties) and create multiple non-fungible tokens (ERC-721 as Xcerts) all in a single atomic transaction on the blockchain.


Built with the 0xcert Framework

SwapMarket is not only a dex that redefines the transfer of NFTs among owners. It’s also the first complete product built with the 0xcert Framework for developing dapps.

It showcases and employs several of the powerful features of the Framework, and the function that defines SwapMarket most is the atomic swap operation. This compelling feature allows for even more versatile purposes (e.g., creating an asset), and you can find more about that in the Framework Documentation.

Below is the initial list of the most popular projects providing ERC-721 NFTs and other non-fungibles. The ERC-20 fungible tokens work on SwapMarket without exception.

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