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Polymath and KABN form consortium for security tokens across multiple jurisdictions

Polymath and KABN form consortium for security tokens across multiple jurisdictions

Polymath, a provider of software solutions that enable assets to be digitized, distributed, fractionally owned, and ultimately liquidated, has formed a consortium in close collaboration with KABN, a global financial services platform that has developed, among its suite of products, a patent pending, blockchain based, GDPR compliant, Always On, global identification and accreditation as a support service for investors and other types of contributors.

Polymath wants to lead an effort to make it easier for organizations to create digital securities from traditional assets through partnerships and a community that supports a transparent and compliant process for issuers and investors.

Through its extensive service provider network with firms like KABN, Polymath provides security token issuers with access to top quality service providers.

“Our solution supports the creation of digital securities from a wide range of traditional and non-traditional assets. The intention of this partnership is to create a best practice model for customers who need help with the full lifecycle of an STO (Security Token Offering). In this model, the issuer would work with an integrated network of providers who are committed to ensuring that offerings are compliant with securities laws, rules, and regulations across multiple jurisdictions and trading platforms, increasing the value proposition by reducing the distance and friction between investors and issuers. To date, the full STO path is not clear for most of our issuers, so we formed this partnership with the intention of making this a less daunting journey.”

Kevin North, CEO of Polymath

KABN will also be the first organization to launch its digital security token offering using this process.

“Working with Polymath, KABN supports the compliance requirements for digital securities with its Always On solution providing a faster, better and more economical solution for issuers and investors to validate and verify identity, KYC and AML, and manage liquidity programs. KABN is also the first company to tokenize its company assets and create digital securities with this process, proving the model and paving the way for others to do the same in a manner that meets jurisdictional securities rules and regulations and supports a value proposition for stakeholders, the Blockchain community, issuers, and investors.”

Ben Kessler, CEO of KABN

Polymath and KABN are receiving overwhelming support from the capital markets and blockchain communities as it introduces the framework to program partners to advance the creation of digital securities and make it easier for issuers and investors to interact through decentralized platforms globally.

Together with Pegasus Fintech (Gibraltar) Limited, a consultant organization, a consortium of Professional Service providers, Broker-Dealers, Blockchain Developers, Exchanges, Authorized Agents and other Solution Providers have committed to supporting this process and the KABN Token offering. The initial parties committing their support to this growing consortium include:

  • (UK)
  • Global Blockchain Network (US)
  • MLG Blockchain (Canada)
  • Evoke Capital (Canada)
  • Hyperion Technologies (US)
  • Secure Digital Markets (Canada)
  • Hassans (Gibraltar)
  • Digital Assets Management (Gibraltar)
  • Crypto SA (Australia)
  • KABN (Gibraltar)
  • Ten Capital (US)
  • Polymath (Canada/Barbados)
  • Razlin Capital (UK)

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