Multi-chain protocol Block Collider launches decentralized marketplace

Block Collider, a mineable multi-chain protocol for stable coins, decentralized exchanges, and meta contracts, has announced the launching of BORDERLESS, a decentralized, multi-chain, high-performance marketplace. It is currently in ‘Safe Mode’ for consumers with the fully unlocked version available for developers only.

The Block Collider project is similar to multi-chain projects Polkadot and Cosmos in that it allows for interoperability and communication across ‘walled garden’ blockchain networks. However, Block Collider is completely unique because it does not rely at all on ‘network validators’, unlike other interoperability protocols.

Validators introduce points of centralization in blockchain networks that create attack vectors and misaligned incentives. Binance, for example, released the details of their upcoming ‘decentralized’ exchange this month which will rely upon a total of 11 validator nodes – all controlled by Binance – for confirming transactions on the exchange. The company has since come under fire for even calling their exchange ‘decentralized’ and has gone on the defensive.

 Block Collider Facts:


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