DARMA Capital launches ‘Optimized Long-Ethereum (ETH)’ investment fund

DARMA Capital, a registered investment fund, today announced the launch of its first in a series of ‘Optimized Long’ (DOL) trading programs for digital asset investors. Each DOL program professionally manages a specific digital asset that DARMA has determined is fundamental to an institutional digital asset portfolio.

The first such program is the DARMA Optimized Long-ETH Fund (DOL-ETH), an Ethereum investment vehicle designed to generate alpha to an ETH benchmark while professionally managing market price volatility and digital asset risks.

Last spring James Slazas left ConsenSys as the Head of Capital Markets to expand his highly successful family office using the same quantitative strategy of DOL-ETH at DARMA Capital, a US registered Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator. DARMA invests only in highly liquid protocol layer assets that meet its Web 3.0 Investment Thesis.

DARMA is supported by traditional institutional service providers such as Opus Fund Services for fund administration, Duff & Phelps for compliance and KPMG in the Cayman Islands for audit.

In addition to institutional investors, the DOL-ETH also provides treasury management services for blockchain companies that have raised ETH. This helps focus their efforts towards building the next generation of technology while having their assets professionally managed.

DARMA’s team combines deep capital markets experience with significant blockchain expertise to choose assets that reflect blockchain’s evolution and manage the complexity of these risks. The fund’s comprehensive risk management methodology is managed by John Slazas, DARMA’s Chief Investment Officer. John developed the firm’s quantitative approach to digital asset market risk management based on his prior 30+ years of applied analytics at Commodity Trading Advisor, JS Services Research & Trading, LLC.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”James Slazas, DARMA’s CEO” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”16″]“DARMA was created to continue to lead advancements in the institutional infrastructure for digital assets. For several years I have worked with many capital market stakeholders and now DARMA has wrapped these separate developments into a strong investment offering for institutional investors and core blockchain participants. DARMA seeks to mirror our family office strategy to the DOL-ETH program. After choosing fundamentally strong assets that have regulatory clarity, we apply an actively managed risk overlay strategy that is designed to dynamically hedge downside price exposure as well as reduce profit give-back at positive price extremes, with a net effect of creating alpha to our benchmarked digital asset.”[/perfectpullquote]