Ginco partners with Microsoft Japan for launch of multi-chain node service

Ginco, a bitcoin, and blockchain asset wallet ecosystem, recently announced it will start offering Ginco Nodes in cooperation with Microsoft Corporation of Japan and provide hosting of APIs and that are essential for the development of blockchain services.

The Ginco Nodes beta version currently under development is scheduled to be launched in early March, and a trial campaign is now in progress.

By introducing Ginco Nodes, blockchain service developers can fully utilize the functions of multiple chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, while significantly reducing system development and maintenance costs.

In order to make the node service infrastructure a fully managed cloud service, Ginco will partner with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., which will focus on providing blockchain as a service, and also assist on development.

Operation of node environments

Ginco Nodes enables businesses to convert the cost of service infrastructure to variable costs, to aid in flexible and speedy development.

Ginco Nodes is the first multi-chain, fully managed node hosting service in Japan.

Using Ginco Nodes, transaction monitoring APIs that are troublesome to build, maintain, and operate, are now able to be launched immediately without getting hassle, streamlining the process of developing blockchain services.

Furthermore, by providing nose hosting service from the Japanese region, Ginco will be able to provide an infrastructure with low latency.

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