Decentraland to debut on HTC EXODUS 1 blockchain smartphone

Decentraland, a platform that makes it possible for anyone to create, experience, and monetize immersive 3D content, has announced that its marketplace will be offered on the HTC EXODUS 1, a blockchain-enabled mobile device. This means that all of a user’s Decentraland assets can be securely stored in the HTC Zion Vault, an all-in-one private vault on the blockchain. Both HTC Exodus and Decentraland are committed to redefining the way people manage their identities, privacy, cryptocurrencies, and other virtual possessions online.

By storing private keys directly on the phone’s hardware, Exodus allows users to secure their Decentraland identities, data, and assets directly in their pocket – cutting out the middleman. Decentraland’s LAND (the ERC-721 virtual real estate that makes up Genesis City) and MANA (our Ethereum-based cryptocurrency) will both be supported by the Zion Vault.

Decentraland is quickly approaching the launch of its drag-and-drop scene editor (The Builder), and the beta release of its virtual world, introducing some of the most tangible use-cases of blockchain tech. Soon, users will be able to browse, buy, sell, and manage your LAND directly from the EXODUS 1, without having to bother with third-party extensions.

Decentraland Creator Contest

Next month, Decentraland is unveiling The Builder, it’s the first drag-and-drop scene editor to make it easier than ever for people to design and build the unique 3D environments that mmakeupDecentraland’s virtual world

In celebration of the Builder’s release, anyone can show off their world-building skills through the Creator Contest, a 2-week competition offering Exodus phone, Decentraland’s cryptocurrency (MANA) and LAND, Decentraland’s virtual real estate, as prizes.

Users don’t have to own any LAND in order to compete, just sign up at After the competition starts on March 15th, users will have two weeks to design their scenes and submit them to the Decentraland panel of expert judges to review.

HTC Zion Wallet

HTC’s Zion, a private vault on the blockchain, allows users to conduct crypto transactions, view and manage crypto collectibles, and manage crypto asset while maintaining ownership of keys. Users can store, send, and request Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, selected ERC-20 tokens, and ERC-721 collectibles.

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