The THÉO Project launches Syná, a fully integrated crypto-wallet library

The THÉO Project, a fully decentralized digital marketplace built on the Aion blockchain, announced today the release of its cryptocurrency wallet library, Syná. Syná offers consumers an easy to use and intuitive way to manage their digital identity and wealth. Syná can be used to interact peer-to-peer and through decentralized applications.

The fully integrated product suite includes android / iOS mobile applications and a Google Chrome plugin, Syná+, all available for download today. The THÉO Project will also soon launch Syná Desktop, an integrated desktop solution capable of cold storage interaction. Syná wallets offer both standard and advanced crypto tools taking into consideration multi-protocol usage when building the design interface.

By maintaining a clean user experience with a focus on simplicity rather than overbearing features, Syná will address some of the challenges the crypto space has seen to date. Syná+, the Google Chrome plugin, and the soon to be launched desktop wallet will offer easy management of users’ identities (private and public keys) to interact, per account, with different dApps — acting as a digital ‘passport’ to the crypto ecosystems of tomorrow.

“The aim of the THÉO Project is to build a suite of products that enables mass adoption of decentralized applications. We’ve built Syná to be an easy to use digital passport. In a decentralized world, one’s wealth travels with his or her identity. In line with the anticipated growth in useful decentralized applications, Syná will enable all users to intuitively manage their assets while interacting in what will be a global decentralized e-commerce economy. The next steps for Syná will be to quickly integrate other token economies to offer the consumer as much utility as possible for the product. The THÉO Project was started to advance decentralized e-commerce, and Syná Is just the first step.”

Amanda Dorenberg, Chief Marketing Technology Officer of the THÉO Project

The company and its parent company, Centrys Inc., have spent a substantial amount of time in blockchain development working both with venture businesses and blockchain proxy’s to advance global decentralized solutions. The team combined their venture, business, and deep technical expertise with leaders in digital product design to ensure that THÉO solutions offer a friendlier, more accessible, and intuitive experience. The Syná product suite has launched on the Aion blockchain proxy with plans to expand to support Ethereum by early Spring 2019. Syná will also introduce a full API solution, being the first wholly integrated suite of cryptocurrency wallet solutions that are developed specifically to integrate with other dApps and businesses.

“I think it was a natural fit to launch on the Aion ecosystem with our focus on interoperability and bridging the gap between various blockchain proxy’s. It’s an amazing product suite that both looks good and functions well. We’re very excited to have Syná as part of the Aion ecosystem and look forward to the many upcoming developments The THÉO Project has in store.”

Matthew Spoke, Founder of the Aion Foundation
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