Curv launches new cloud-based blockchain asset wallet for institutions

Curv, a cryptography company with the goal of securing the digital economy, today unveiled its cloud-based digital asset wallet service that will offer financial institutions and enterprises strong security, instant availability, and total autonomy over all their digital assets.

Curv’s institutional blockchain asset wallet features:

The Curv service also includes the setup, management, and maintenance of the blockchain infrastructure. This allows customers to adopt any cryptocurrency or blockchain app they want, without having to worry about investing or scaling the underlying IT infrastructure.

Curv is led by co-founder and CEO Itay Malinger, co-founder and CTO Dan Yadlin, and cryptography forerunners, Jonathan Katz and Ben Riva. The institutional digital asset wallet service is a subscription service that will be available starting March 25th, 2019. It is currently being used in a private beta with exchanges, custodians, fintechs and institutional investors located around the globe.

The company also announced $6.5 million in seed funding. The round was led by Team8, and a leading investor in digital asset companies, Digital Currency Group, with participation from Flybridge Capital, Jump Capital, Monex Group and Liberty City Ventures.

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