BitMart enables access to Yanda and Shrimpy apps for crypto portfolios

BitMart, a global bitcoin and crypto-asset exchange, recently announced new strategic partnerships with Yanda and Shrimpy. The partnerships are aiming to offer users automated management of their portfolios by applying various tools. is a platform that users can create their own trading strategies to increase the performance of their trading portfolio. They can copy successful traders for making decisions and even share creations with other members to earn rewards, says Yanda coin.

“The major value comes out of our blockchain, intended as a fully auditable ledger where we can function as a layer on top of the exchanges, which creates a fully transparent database for our users,” says Mario Stumpo, founder, and CEO of Yanda.

Similarly, Shrimpy is a free portfolio management application that lets users automate their entire cryptocurrency portfolio and strategy in just a few easy steps. With a few clicks, users can set their asset allocation and rebalancing strategy for their cryptocurrency portfolio. This way, Shrimpy will take care of the management and execute the strategy picked by the user. Shrimpy also provides features such as portfolio & performance tracker, advanced backtest tool, dynamic/custom index tool and volatility protection.

“We are really excited to be collaborating with Shrimpy and Yanda,” said Sheldon Xia, Founder, and CEO of BitMart. “As BitMart’s goal is to create a more informative and transparent marketplace, the partnerships will better serve BitMart’s users as we create custom strategies by leveraging on various portfolio management tools.”

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