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azultec ICO: Generate cryptocurrency and more through cloud computing

In a week’s time, German-based azultec GmbH will be kicking off a pre-token sale for AZU coins, which will allow buy-in to an innovative cloud computing ecosystem. azultec empowers users to earn cryptocurrencies by CGI rendering and can connect to the azultec CGI rendering cloud, where there is also a potential profit to be made. The token sale is officially set to begin on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019, administered and organized under the laws of Germany.

Azultec wants to become the largest CGI rendering farm. In order to get the biggest market share azultec is using two approaches: With the already available azultec Cube product line, users can earn cryptocurrencies with CGI rendering at home and connect to the azultec CGI rendering cloud. In parallel to this, azultec is building out their own high-security CGI rendering farms in strategic locations. Before diving into some more details of the azultec ecosystem, it is worth checking out relevant details of the token crowd sale.


The azultec team is proposing the development of a cloud-computing ecosystem with multiple services to include: Mining, Rendering, Cloud-Storage, and Energy-Recuperation.
Token Usage & ICO Features

Azul tokens (AZUs) can be used to purchase crypto services within the azultec ecosystem. Once, an Azul token has been used for a purchase, the company will burn these tokens to support future value. The AZU token is an ERC-20 token and does not grant equity stake or profit sharing in azultec.

Holders of Azul tokens can use them to obtain discounts when purchasing mining hardware. Furthermore, rendering farm or cloud storage services can also be purchased at a discount. Should the owner decide to use the Azul Token, he will be given discounted access to online services such as the decentralized database (cloud storage computing) or rendering (24/7 remote rendering internet service).

Depending on the progress of the azultec roadmap, more options will become available: In cooperation with our specialized partners such as solar panel installers, fuel cell installers, heating technology businesses, and other partners, we plan to offer a discount when using the Azul Token to purchase our partners’ services as well. This allows Azul Token holders to participate in building the hardware infrastructure at a discounted price and take advantage of azultec’s online services.

60% of Azul tokens are being made available during the public sale period. Contributions may be made during the defined period of time, which originates on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 and ends on October 20th, 2019.

During the pre-token sale beginning on March 5th, the price per AZU coin will begin at $0.12 United States Dollars (USD), payable in: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), or FIAT (Euro/USD).

Tokens allocated to the public (60% worth) will be created at the end of the last ICO phase and subsequently transferred to the ICO participants. 40% of Azul tokens will be calculated and generated for azultec. In this way, there is a smooth 60:40 split.

40% of azultec tokens will be used in the following manner:
  • 65% of the tokens owned by azultec will be used as reserves, of which 50% will be frozen for 6 months, and the remaining 50% frozen for 12 months.
  • 10% of the tokens will be used for business negotiations.
  • 10% of the tokens will be given to partners and the tokens will be frozen for 12 months.
  • 15% of the tokens will be given to the founders and will be frozen for 12 months.
Presale: Set to begin
Crowd Sale Phases

After the pre-sale dates noted above, the wider crowd sale Phase 1 will begin on March, 20th, 2019 3 p.m. CET through March, 27th 2019 3 p.m. CET, and will be priced at Azul (AZU) = USD 0.0192, with a minimum investment of USD 500. The remaining phases are listed below:

  • Phase 2: 10 April 2019 3 p.m. CET – 10 May 2019 3 p.m. CET, Azul (AZU) = USD 0.0216, minimum investment: USD 500
  • Phase 3: 23 May 2019 3 p.m. CET – 20 October 2019 3 p.m. CET, Azul (AZU) = USD 0.024, minimum investment: USD 200
Use of Proceeds

A significant portion of the proceeds of the azultec token sale will be used by the company to achieve their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and consequently to build-out a decentralized cloud storage and rendering network. azultec expects that a substantial amount of all of the proceeds of the token sale will be used to originate and subsequently to progress the development of the azultec Cube and the azultec Ecosystem.

The company is proposing to develop an ecosystem with multiple services to include: Mining, Rendering, Cloud-Storage, and Energy-Recuperation.
Top Grade Hardware: The azultec Cube is made to run silently in the comfort of your home.

azultec Cubes – a new state-of-the-art environmental-friendly and highly efficient solution for earning cryptocurrencies. Through azultec Cubes, users can generate cryptocurrencies by joining their cloud computing network, by being part of their decentralized cloud storage solution and through mining. For all of the Cubes, users also have the amazing option to use renewable energy and recuperate up to 72% of the generated heat.

Already released are the azultec Cube 300, and the azultec RenderMaster 300. Both can be purchased online now from and

  • azultec Cube 300 – the Cube 300 contains unique, upgraded graphics cards that are designed to achieve the best possible performance for CGI rendering. This mid-range workstation is equipped with 8 GTX 1070 graphics cards, 2 TB HDD memory, and 4 GB DDR4-RAM. But it can also mine cryptocurrencies and run machine learning. Each graphics card is water cooled to ensure that it operates in the best manner possible.
  • RenderMaster 300 – The RenderMaster 300 is the entry level industrial solution for cloud computing. With 8 GTX 1070 GPUs and 64GB of RAM on a 19 inch Rack, this machine is made for CGI rendering! But it can also mine cryptocurrencies and run machine learning. Thanks to its liquid cooling, the performance is significantly better than air-cooled solutions.

Coming soon to the lineup will be the Cube400, RenderMaster 400, and RenderMaster 500, more details of which can be found on the azultec product page.

“We are investigating how to produce our own graphics cards and mainboards to optimize the efficiency of our Cubes even further. We are developing a business orientated 19″ server rack solution for wind parks and enterprises. Our engineers are working on a heat-to-cool conversion to take advantage of the generated heat during summertime. And we haven’t even mentioned the amazing project: The integration of fuel cells!”

Aaron Licht, azultec, Founder & CMO

More Than Mining

Thanks to its versatility, the azultec Cube offers many additional applications in other fields, such as decentralized cloud storage, energy storage and more. By equipping the mining computer with hard drives, each Cube can become part of a decentralized cloud storage system.

Thanks to the high performance of the Cube’s hardware, it is also possible to use its computing capacity for rendering tasks instead of cryptocurrency mining, which can be way more lucrative than mining.

Cloud Rendering

Cloud rendering is a service where the user offers computing power over a worldwide network to another user in need of such.

The azultec products have been heavily optimized for Cloud Rendering and offer users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies much more efficiently, than through mining.

But what is Cloud Rendering and how does it work? And how can you earn cryptocurrencies through Cloud Rendering?

Rendering is the process of generating a photorealistic or non-photorealistic two-dimensional or three-dimensional image from a model by means of application programs. It is usually performed by CPUs and GPUs.

azultec emphasizes parallel GPU computing power due to higher performance for fewer resources – you get your work done faster and cheaper.

RenderMaster owners will be able to connect their machines to the OctaneRednerCloud (ORC) from OTOY and offer their computing power as cloud rendering*services to artists and designers all over the world in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Water-cooling versus Air-cooling

Water-cooling is a big emphasis on azultec hardware and has a huge advantage over air-cooling – because thermal throttling, caused by temperatures above 50° Celsius, is prevented. Compared to air-cooling, you can gain up to 30% of performance thanks to a water-cooling setup.

From ICO to IPO: The Roadmap

azultec debuted their concept with a prototype and beta test for cooling solutions at 46°C ambient temperature in Dubai in Q4, 2018. The team also unveiled their product in Q1, 2019 at the Las Vegas CES show. Check out the prototype test video, and the rest of the ambitious roadmap below:


  • Cube First Generation (Cube 300)
  • RenderMaster Supercomputer 300,400,500
  • Software Test and Mining Network Beta Phase
  • New Deep Learning Special RenderMaster and Cubes with own Mainboard which supports up to 10x GPUs with Dual AMD Epyc or Dual Intel Xeon Sockep P Support
  • Rendering local Software connection, it means the cube/RenderMaster, can handle all Rendering jobs in a designing office without a waste of time on the local designer workstation, powered by Otoy


  • Recuperation and PV Cube Beta Phasis
  • Expansion of Cube sales to Asia and the USA
  • Start of the decentralized otoy Rendertoken – a new era of crypto mining: Home and business rendering for everyone, based on the Blockchain
  • Enabling the Cubes to perform rendering tasks will become another milestone of the project


  • azultec Office Expansion
  • RenderMaster 300 and 350 with special connection and cooling system for Wind parks and Photovoltaik Farms.
  • additional Recuperation and PV Home Solutions offer
  • Cube 400 Redesign
  • Fuel Cell Beta Phase


  • Crypto exchange trading platform listing
  • Start Beta phase of fully decentralized Cloud Storage
  • Ledger
  • Beta Phase Heat to cool conversion
  • Upgrade kits for Cubes
  • Offer Fuel Cell
  • End of the first EEG PV plants and wind farms, we will have special Solution with RenderMaster 300 and 350
  • GPU Manufacturer/Partner Agreement
  • azultec Office Expansion
  • final Beta Phase of fully decentralized Cloud Storage
  • New Deep Learning Special RenderMaster and Cubes with own Mainboard which supports up to 10x GPUs with Quad AMD Epyc or Quad Intel Support
  • New RenderMaster 450 and 550
  • New RenderMaster with Tesla and Titan Support
  • Fully decentralized Cloud Storage Launch
  • Container Mining Solutions/Wind parks and Photovoltaic parks (EEG) including RenderMasters
  • Industry 4.0 / IoT / Home Server Software and Hardware upgrades for Cubes.
  • Chargers with recuperation functionality for the automotive sector

Q3/2020  •  Heat into ground solution

Q4/2021  •  Automotive sector

Q1/2023  •  IPO

azultec Team
The founding team of azultec has the combined experience of three successful high tech enterprises. Aquatuning is the biggest warehouse and distributor for DIY PC liquid cooling worldwide. Alphacool is a water-cooling manufacturer with clients in the IT, automotive and enterprise business. technikPR is the most technical PR agency with some of the worlds top Fortune 500 technology companies as clients.
  • Nathanael Draht: Founder & CEO – Nathanael is a born entrepreneur and father of two – as a child, he discovered his business acumen and over time he identified value-oriented corporate management as the best solution. He is able to get the best out of his staff and relies on positive reinforcement and humor.
  • Andreas Rudnicki: Founder & CEO – This 47-year-old father recognized and successfully exploited his entrepreneurial skills shortly after graduation. After starting several online shops, in 2003 he focused on liquid cooling at alphacool and Aquatuning. If he’s not working, he’s doing sports – as a member of the national Para-Cycling Team he has successfully won the 2015 EuroCup and 2017 WorldCup. Andreas will not easily give in to obstacles.
  • Aaron Licht: Founder & CMO – Aaron is a father of two and tried-and-proven entrepreneur. He founded the tech magazine, PC Max, then became a PR consultant at be quiet! and eventually founded Digital Natives GmbH, home of technikPR (the most technical PR agency worldwide). He has been active in cryptocurrency for several years, investing in several smaller and larger ICOs.
  • Dr. Kai Kamphenkel: Founder & CTO – Kai is a happy father. During his computer science studies he focused his research on cryptography and number theory. A subsequent doctorate in natural sciences further deepened these focal points in a scientific and application-related field. For nearly 10 years he has been working as an expert in information security, especially for banks. He is responsible for the technical implementation of Azul.
  • Dr. Matthias Pfadler: Founder & CFO – Matthias owns a tax office, advising medium-sized companies (especially start-ups) on tax matters. This Harley lover only settles for the best solutions for his clients, making him a perfect fit for the azultec team. He is also the author of one of the first books on taxation in the context of mining.
  • Robert Jorzak: Founder & CSO – Robert doesn’t just have a knack for languages but also for logic, which he has refined in his studies of international information management. He has been using this knowledge for some time to bring blockchain technology to his company Aquatuning. He now brings his extensive knowledge to azultec.
  • Lydia Voß: Founder & CDO – Lydia is a sports-minded mathematician with a focus on information systems. As a student, she fell in love with numerical mathematics and robotics. Among other roles, she was a research assistant in information systems and machine learning at the University of Hildesheim, where she acquired an even deeper knowledge of data science. At Aquatuning and Alphacool she is responsible for controlling and mining, focusing on blockchain technology and its potential for the future.
  • David Philippe: Global Head of Social Media – David is a family man with a varied CV: after a brief stint in chemistry, he realized that communication was more to his liking. He graduated in communication management and has been active in professional communication for almost 10 years. His focus is mainly on digital communications; whether as a freelancer, on the company side, or in agencies, technology communication is in his blood.

It is clear to see, the azultec team has serious plans, and is opening beneficial access to their project during the token sale. From top-shelf, custom, and upgradable hardware, to genius synergy between the co-founders, every detail has been thought out and is now being put in motion. There is a lot to digest regarding the potential of the azultec ecosystem, to read a more in-depth analysis of the features and benefits, make sure to check out the team’s whitepaper, and also visit the Azul token sale site, where registration is now open.

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