Non-custodial crypto exchange Leverj launches to mainnet

Non-custodial crypto exchange Leverj launches to mainnet

Today, the team behind Leverj, a high-speed non-custodial crypto exchange, announced the successful launch to the Ethereum mainnet. The Leverj application features the Gluon Plasma sidechain designed especially for trading.

Blockchain Labs has completed the audit of Gluon Plasma contracts and all issues have been thoroughly addressed.

Further to the launch today, the Leverj security bounty program has been modified to payout in USD. Security bounties complement security models and security audits and are an inherent part of security strategy.

“A product is never done, always a work in progress. Although we are on mainnet, the product should still be considered beta. The UI needs a bit of TLC and the team will focus on usability over the next several weeks. Exposing the platform to users early helps drive priorities and gives users a voice in platform development. On a plasma front, moving from POA to POS will mitigate the data availability problem and also decentralize the system, enabling multiple validators and exchanges (and other projects) to participate in the same sidechain. Fraud proofs will be added with support for multiple validators. We hope to welcome outside contributors and projects on Gluon Plasma, helping us build tooling, block explorers and support applications enabling a richer community.”

Bharath Rao, head of Leverj

Next Steps

Leveraged trading development will kick off, enabling the creation of the Leverj high-speed, non-custodial platform. On the business development side, the Leverj team will be working to onboard market makers and list new tokens.

The exchange can be accessed at


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