BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group launches center to notify on crypto thefts

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG), a developer, and provider of cryptocurrency risk-scoring and data analytics tools, training and investigation services, announced today it has launched the Crypto Fusion Center (CFC) to serve as a community resource dedicated to fighting the criminal use of cryptocurrencies.

The CFC’s mission is to maintain and promote the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies while protecting the market as a whole by identifying and isolating criminal events as they occur. The CFC is a direct result of BIG’s greater mission of bringing cryptocurrencies mainstream through social responsibility.

The launch of the Crypto Fusion Center represents one of the most comprehensive suite of services in the cryptocurrency security space, from compliance to forensic data analytics, professional investigation services, training, and now community-wide awareness and protection regarding illicit cryptocurrency activities.

The first and most high-profile hack of a cryptocurrency exchange, Mt. Gox, resulted in the loss of $473 million in cryptocurrency market value. Other significant instances of cryptocurrency theft include Coincheck, DAO, Bitfinex, and more recently, the QuadrigaCX scandal, where the founder, supposedly the only person with access to the Canadian exchange’s cold wallets, reportedly died unexpectedly, resulting in loss of access to $190 million worth of cryptocurrencies, though it is now questioned whether the exchange ever had cold wallets in place. All these instances have similarly exposed a major gap in the ability for Law Enforcement, the Financial Sector and Regulators to respond in a timely and coordinated manner, which has undermined the market’s collective ability to track, isolate, and recover stolen funds.

With the launch of the Crypto Fusion Center, entities in all sectors will be able to notify major participating exchanges, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies in a timely manner when cryptocurrency thefts occur. The Crypto Fusion Center seeks to be a go-to resource for learning exactly which blacklisted addresses to be on the lookout for, which will facilitate preventing would-be hackers from using an unsuspecting exchange to liquidate their proceeds following a successful hack. In turn, the CFC aims to decrease the criminal element’s motivation to hack cryptocurrency exchanges by removing the ability to quickly liquidate their illicit proceeds through other exchanges. The community will be able to defend itself and others through cooperation, communication, and collaboration.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”BIG’s Director of Forensics and Investigations, Robert Whitaker, who led the development of the Crypto Fusion Center” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”As a former Supervisory Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations, I know the effectiveness and reach that can be realized through coordinated effort toward the security and protection of law-abiding individuals and entities. That’s why we are extending a standing invitation to cryptocurrency exchanges, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, regulators, and any other entities to become members of the CFC community. If you want to protect yourself and your colleagues from preventable illicit activities involving cryptocurrency, we look forward to building this community with your support. Together we can stop these attacks before they start or, at the very least, mitigate their impact.”[/perfectpullquote]

The Crypto Fusion Center is designed to offer several solutions: