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Cindicator partners with Korean exchange GOPAX for open forecasting challenge

Cindicator, the tokenized fintech company and GOPAX, a popular South Korean crypto exchange, have announced a partnership to provide deep research coverage of the Korean market. To find top analysts and generate new data, Cindicator and GOPAX have launched an open competition for all South Korean residents. The resulting findings will help shed light on South Korea’s increasingly important role in the global cryptocurrency market.

The collective forecasts generated during the challenge will be enhanced via Cindicator’s machine learning algorithms to create predictive indicators and research reports about the Korean market, which often accounts for as much as one-fifth of global trading volumes. Previously, Cindicator conducted research analyzing the South Korean crypto environment and identified the potential of the country regarding the mass adoption of crypto.

From February 18th until March 11th, the open challenge designed by Cindicator and GOPAX will seek the best financial analysts in Korea. The competition will be available to everyone in the country. During the three weeks, participants will make daily forecasts about major cryptocurrencies and the Korean market on the Cindicator app.

“The Korean market is very important for understanding the overall global sentiment because Korean exchanges often account for one-fifth of global crypto trading volumes. Our first research report about South Korea showed that there is great demand for in-depth analysis of this country’s increasing role in the crypto world. With this challenge, we want to uncover new talents who would provide regular coverage of the South Korean crypto industry, increasing transparency and reducing uncertainty for all market participants.”

Mike Brusov, CEO and co-founder of Cindicator

“As a leading crypto exchange, we’re always interested in opportunities to help grow and develop the blockchain ecosystem and to provide as much information regarding the industry as possible in order to reduce information asymmetry. We believe that this cooperation between GOPAX and Cindicator will positively impact the maturation of the crypto industry and its audience by encouraging a calculated and balanced approach. This challenge is a great, risk-free chance for participants to try to forecast prices for a wide range of assets, and for the organizers to find super talented analysts who can combat uncertainty with accurate predictions. We are excited to give all our customers a chance to prove their skills and to contribute to making a significant impact on the development of the industry as a whole.”

Seungmyung Lee, COO and co-founder of GOPAX

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