Infinito Wallet enables support for EOS based DApps

Infinito Wallet, a universal cryptocurrency wallet, has announced it will soon enable support for EOS DApps with block producers and block producer candidates including JEDA, EOSYS, HKEOS, and EOS Nairobi. Features will first include EOS account self-registration and EOS voting for block producers.

Last month, Infinito launched its DApp browser – App Square, initially available with support for Ethereum DApps. After EOS, NEO, Ontology and more will be added to the built-in App store with applications and services for end-users, developers and businesses.

JEDA is an EOS block producer from Japan and EOSYS is the first EOS block producer candidate from Korea. Meanwhile, HKEOS is EOS block producer candidate from Hong Kong and EOS Nairobi is block producer candidate from Nairobi, Africa. The partnership between Infinito Wallet and these four partners is expected to benefit not only Infinito Wallet users but also global EOS community.

Infinito Wallet supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and blockchain services for consumers. Features for EOS users include: support for all EOS tokens, stake/unstake NET, CPU bandwidth, buy/sell RAM, import/export EOS private keys, and more. In addition, last year, Infinito Wallet organized a successful EOS account registration campaign with well-known EOS block producer and EOS block producer candidates registering thousands of EOS accounts.

For DApp developers, the Infinito team also provides a development platform to help develop DApps easier and faster. The newly released Infinito Blockchain Platform (IBP) has a wide variety of blockchain modules including: API/SDKs, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Solutions, DApp and Smart Contract templates, and more.

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