DUO Network launches public testnet for 0x-based token marketplace

DUO Network, a decentralized platform enabling issuance, trading, and settlement of tokenized digital derivatives, has launched its DUO DEX testnet to the public. It is the first 0x based, decentralized marketplace for trading a new class of tokenized derivative instruments — Collateralized Autonomous Token, or CAT for short, including products such as tranche tokens, options, and structured products.

DUO Network’s design provides an overarching framework for creative derivatives payoffs tailored to investor’s risk appetite. Terms are captured in smart contracts and enforced through price oracles.

CAT possess five key features:

The team behind the DUO Network project believes the cross-platform trading of tokenized derivatives holds the key to an efficient market by improving decentralized liquidity and price discovery.

The beta test has been available for selected community members, crypto traders and non-profit blockchain clubs since late January. The purpose of the public testnet is to further improve the platform’s stability and performance by collecting system data and user feedback on a larger scale.

More details can be found on the DUO Network Whitepaper.