Persona’s trust protocol and KYC verification platform beta goes live

Persona, a blockchain-powered trust protocol, announced today the beta launch of its KYC verification platform. Persona’s blockchain-based platform that streamlines the process of identity management, aligning it with the latest data protection regulations.

The platform enables quick and easy onboarding while maintaining personal privacy and security with a few simple steps:

In this way, individuals can maintain accounts with as many services as they wish while keeping their personal data safe in one encrypted space. Individuals can also register to become notaries, and earn Persona coins for every validation they complete.

Persona beta testing will focus on security, fees, and transaction volume, and will simulate tens of thousands of simultaneous identity verifications, along with trust point accumulation and depreciation. Persona hopes to launch its public platform in March, and will eventually include optional e-mail, Telegram, and Slack plugins to verify sender identities and fight fraud and scams.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=” Ștefan Neagu, Co-Founder of Persona” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“The Persona beta launch represents almost a year of development toward making Persona a provable trust protocol. We’re proud of Persona’s potential to help individuals keep their identities secure while helping enterprises streamline onboarding processes. We’re also proud to keep Persona open-source, so third-parties can develop their own dApps on Persona’s blockchain.”[/perfectpullquote]