Mycro’s Ethereum powered job app launches on testnet

Mycro, creators of a blockchain-based mobile application for real-time job matching through an intuitive and simple operation has gone live on testnet. Mycro builds on the ubiquity of mobile devices and the enormous pools of workers and customers they can reach, while harnessing rich real-time information that facilitates efficient job matches.

Through Mycro’s platform, users can offer or apply for any short-term job, ranging from home, delivery, virtual, and skilled services. Payments are held by a decentralized, escrow smart contract while the job is performed, and prevents retrieval access from either party until a specific job is complete.

The Mycro mobile application ensures:

  1. Real-time job matching: Through Mycro’s intelligent and self-learning algorithms that are adopted from popular dating platforms, job providers are connected with suitable candidates, matching vacant jobs in real-time with the right person.
  2. Complete trust: Decentralized rating systems and user verification options are executed by smart contracts allowing both parties to enter into a ‘trustless’ transaction. Through the Mycro protocol, users have 100% ownership of their ratings and can use them on other platforms.
  3. Low fees: By eliminating the intermediary, fees of up to 30% charged are eliminated; jobs are posted free of charge, while users only pay 2% for using the Mycro mobile application.

“At Mycro, we strive to create a time and money equilibrium for all. We believe everybody should have the opportunity to choose what they do for a living, even if it’s for the short term. Each job candidate should have control over when and for whom they work for, and what their time is worth,” says André Bruckmann founder and CEO of Mycro. “Our mission is to give every person access to a global marketplace that presents them with accessible employment options, no matter where they come from.”

Additionally, Mycro has secured accounts with the leading enterprising bank, Bank Frick. Bank Frick are able to offer a range of services facilitating blockchain-related businesses. These include: cold wallet storage, OTC trades, and dynamic online banking platform. Bank Frick is helping Mycro legitimize itself through further development, as well as a deployment process. By working with Bank Frick, Mycro is now one of the few ICO bound companies in existence to have an affiliation with a bank that allows them to raise money through fiat.

Mycro’s upcoming ICO is planned to begin in Q1 of 2019.

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