Magic BlockchainQA partners with Securitize for STO protocol integration services

Magic BlockchainQA and Securitize have announced a cross-collaborative business partnership for continued customer success. This partnership allows Magic BlockchainQA to offer integration and support services for Securitize’s DS (Digital Securities) Protocol.

The Securitize Protocol Strategy includes Digital Ownership Architecture of DS Services and DS Apps and addresses all aspects of the digital securities lifecycle. Magic Blockchain’s services will include Securitize product marketing, implementation and integration support, QA testing and development services for clients who intend to use the Securitize platform for launching STOs.

This affiliation is intended to further strengthen each organization’s offerings to their respective customer base and create a bridge between Securitize, a compliance platform for digitizing securities on the blockchain and Magic, the world’s first and dedicated blockchain QA firm.

As part of the engagement, each partner will enable a potential dialog to introduce each other to potential key customers to build the community, while streamlining any discussions that may result in potential business opportunities.

Magic’s domain expertise in testing STOs, blockchain platforms, B2B infrastructure, and smart contracts will enable close collaboration with Securitize for supporting the blockchain testing community and its importance across a varied set of customers.

“The Securitize platform has gained significant prominence in last few years and this partnership allows Magic to train its consultants on this platform enabling Securitize clients easy access to a pool of Magic consultants who can help with the seamless adoption of this platform,” says Anuraj Soni, President, Magic BlockchainQA.