Ethereum interface Status re-introduces planned hardware wallet as Keycard, the Ethereum browser, OS, and interface, announced today that the first batch of Keycards are now in production and will be available for developer beta testing in March. The first 1,000 developers to sign up to the beta program on will receive free Keycards.

The Status Hardwallet has been relaunched as Keycard – a new type of hardware wallet built with an open API that enables developers to integrate with wallets or hardware and also build their own smartcards. It enables end users to safely send, store, and receive cryptocurrency.

Status launched the Hardwallet on November 2nd, 2017 at Devcon3 in Mexico. Since then, the blockchain landscape has evolved significantly. There are numerous crypto wallets, many tokens, and thousands of new developers contributing to the ecosystem. Thus. the Status team says, “It is only natural that Keycard reflects this change.”

The Keycard team has been developing the following products:

1. Keycard API – an open source protocol for a client (e.g. mobile wallet, a point of sales terminal) to integrate with a crypto smartcard to handle several types of usages like storing private keys, signing transactions, authenticating users, backing-up master secrets on a secondary card, tap-to-pay, and more.
2. Keycard Hardware – a physical smartcard that is manufactured by Status GmbH and designed to integrate with the Status Android client.

The Keycard API provides compatibility between clients and cards for a secure and open crypto ecosystem.

Both Keycard and the Keycard API are completely open source and allow any developer to integrate with their mobile apps, desktop wallets, and point of sale retail devices. Any wallet team or developer can use the keycard hardware, software, or both to build a smartcard that fits their needs.

The team has also built and easy to use Java SDK for Android & Desktop devices. High-level classes abstract away the most tedious tasks including Secure Channel, APDU parsing, and serialization.

Features For Developers:

Keycard Hardware

Keycard aims to make it simple for users of all experience levels to easily and safely store, send, and receive crypto. The hardware resembles that of a credit card – a form factor that the Status team believes people are accustomed to when transacting in fiat. Keycard will retail for $29 when available.

Keycard Features:

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