Radar releases ‘ION’ to introduce users to Bitcoin Lightning Network

Radar, the team of decentralized exchange protocol Radar Relay, today announced Radar ION, which introduces users to the Lightning Network, helps them select and fund a Lightning wallet with testnet bitcoin, and recommends apps for experiencing Lightning payments firsthand.

ION currently features wallets and apps on the Bitcoin testnet; mainnet recommendations will be coming soon. Also, the Radar team will be announcing more Lightning Network tools and resources over the coming weeks.

Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is a permissionless peer-to-peer network of thousands of nodes—computers, phones, websites, point-of-sale systems—that can complete a bitcoin payment from any node to any other node in seconds and with negligible fees. Nodes arrange themselves into a mesh by forming two-party agreements called “payment channels” on the Bitcoin blockchain; nodes that are directly or distantly connected by this web of channels can exchange payments by routing through the nodes and channels that connect them.

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