Celer Network launches public testnet 2.0 and mobile dApp gateway

Celer Network, the Internet-scale, trust-free, and privacy-preserving off-chain scaling platform, has announced the launch and upgrade of Celer’s public testnet 2.0, Sirius, from the debut version Centauri testnet, and the introduction of Celer’s layer-2 technology-driven dApp gateway mobile application CelerX from the previous cWallet.

A few months ago, Celer Network started up the Centauri testnet, the first-ever off-chain operating network launched with off-chain smart contract scaling capability. With the launch, the Celer Network team enabled zero-fee smart contract transactions and a 10,000x transaction latency reduction to Ethereum.

Celer Network provided some user statistics, which are shown below, and showcase the success of Centauri testnet.

The new Sirius testnet is the second public release of Celer Network’s testnet with a strong focus on refining user experience and expanding development framework features.

Besides the main launch of Sirius, in terms of user experience improvement, the Celer team also wanted to introduce with users to the beta version mobile app CelerX, the first and only layer-2 application platform on iOS and Android.

Celer Network implemented full-fledged user onboarding flow and completely re-architected the application for quickly onboarding new applications built on top of Celer in the future.

On the development framework side, Celer Network added the following features in the new Sirius testnet:

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