Aphelion ready to launch desktop web version of NEO powered DEX

Aphelion, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange powered on the NEO blockchain, today announced that it is now close to releasing both DEX API documentation and the desktop web version of the DEX. These tasks have been the project’s top priority since re-activating 3 weeks ago. Since re-activation, Aphelion reports they have gone over $500k in volume in a few short weeks with dozens of new KYC approved users coming in every day. The team also stated that several days ago, they went over 500 approved users, on their way to 1k.

Aphelion Desktop Web DEX: Apheliondex.com

The Aphelion DEX is already live across desktop (Mac, iOS, Linux), Android, iOS and mobile web, the only channel remaining is the desktop web. It will be practically the same experience users have grown to be familiar with on the desktop wallet/DEX but, it will be accessible with a browser from anywhere. This makes Aphelion not only the only NEO DEX that covers all available channels, but the only NEO wallet that covers all channels.

Aphelion reported they have secured the domain apheliondex.com and that will go live with the desktop web wallet DEX when it launches later this week.

Mockup of the Desktop Wallet DEX
Aphelion DEX API Documentation

Aphelion also says they expect to release the DEX API documentation this week to coincide with the desktop wallet release. The documentation will be hosted and formatted in the way most accessible for users to take advantage of using.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Ian Holtz, CEO at Aphelion on what to expect next” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”We may release a few wallet updates with minor tweaks in the coming weeks, but the next major release will be a contract update to include an instant matching engine. We expect that to come in the next 30–60 days sometime in Q1. We’ll continue to update on progress towards that goal, as well as, update on cross-chain DEX integration which we are still shooting for an initial release sometime in Q2. Outside of that, we will continue to maintain the DEX, monitor performance and ensure our users have the fastest, safest and least expensive trading option available.”[/perfectpullquote]