Kadena launches free blockchain smart contract solution on AWS Marketplace

Kadena, a blockchain technology company spun out of JP Morgan that has raised $12M in venture funding, today announced that its secure and scalable private blockchain platform is now available on AWS Marketplace.  By leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), customers can now rapidly evaluate, build, and deploy blockchain-enabled solutions with Kadena’s next generation blockchain technology, free of charge.

“We’re pleased to work with AWS to help businesses scale efficiently and effectively as smart contract adoption grows,” said Stuart Popejoy, co-founder of Kadena. “With blockchain technology adoption increasing across many industries, from the government to healthcare to insurance, businesses need the right tools to address security and scalability. AWS Marketplace is the perfect place to share our technology widely.”

Kadena’s ScalableBFT: Community Edition is free to use and supports up to four nodes and 2,000 transactions per second. This version will also support secure channels, trustless escrows, pluggable encryption, contract governance, and automatic bug detection via formal verification. This feature set is unmatched by other private blockchain products in the market. Clients seeking to leverage the full power of the technology, with transaction speeds of 8,000 tps and hundreds of nodes, will want to license the full version of Kadena’s enterprise blockchain software. Kadena’s platform uses Pact, Kadena’s open source and simple smart contract language that is understandable to auditors, developers, and executives.

“We’re excited to work with Kadena to create blockchain-based solutions in Latin America,” said Victor F. Navarro, Founder & CEO of Alteum, a Latin American technology organization developing digital ledger tech for enterprises, governments, and financial institutions in the region. “We believe blockchain enables much-needed transparency and financial inclusion that contributes to the overall betterment of our society, and we’re proud to have the support of the Kadena blockchain platform.”

The global blockchain market is projected to reach $60 billion by 2024, and Kadena wants to be on the forefront of widespread blockchain adoption by bringing its smart contract solutions to the wide-reaching AWS user base. The blockchain-as-a-service model enables organizations to start using Kadena’s enterprise blockchain service by quickly provisioning it online, and can significantly reduce the cost and time to market associated with the on-premises installation of other blockchain solutions today. Kadena’s platform is already used by several Fortune 500 companies to improve operational efficiencies and data management in the sectors of healthcare and commercial insurance. Kadena is also developing solutions in wealth and asset management, energy, and construction.