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Coinvest announces launch of Coinvest and Coinvest Plus

Coinvest announces launch of Coinvest and Coinvest Plus

Coinvest, a technology company that develops solutions to execute financial services using blockchain technology, has announced the launch of Coinvest and Coinvest Plus. This follows the launch of the Coinvest Wallet in December.

This is the company’s third official product release within one year of raising funds through compliant an SEC-registered offering. Next will launch the Coinvest Vault, a secure offline hardware wallet, which is nearing production for shipment in 2019.

Coinvest is a digital assets wallet with a built-in investment trading market for cryptocurrencies. With Coinvest, you can trade many different assets or create a personal index fund using just one COIN. Your invested funds are held safely in custody of a smart contract with no trading pair required.

Coinvest Plus is a secure exchange for digital assets that enables traders the ability to exchange a variety of digital assets with other traders on a secure, compliant platform.

At present, both platforms enable the trade or exchange of COIN, BTC, ETH, LTC, BAT, GUSD, with more assets to be added soon. Unlike other exchanges where fees are an expensive and confusing percentage of the order amount, all trades on Coinvest and Coinvest Plus are a flat rate of $4.99.

Coinvest announces launch of Coinvest and Coinvest Plus

Coinvest is well known for adhering to a no-nonsense culture of #BUIDL with no hype marketing. Since inception, the company has been heads down in building an entire portfolio of products and services to empower consumers to easily ingest, store, and use digital assets. In an industry that lacks progress and traction, Coinvest has launched three revenue-generating products, with a budget of two million dollars, in less than one year’s time. At a time when consumer confidence, trust, and the overall market has declined in the blockchain industry, Coinvest has continued to focus on engineering solutions for the future.

Damon Nam, Founder, and CEO of Coinvest stated, “Coinvest is focused on building solutions for the next wave of opportunity in the blockchain industry. The future consists of converting all four major asset classes (stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities) to tokenized securities. The products we are releasing today are the foundational cornerstone of many different value-added financial services that Coinvest will provide for consumers in the future. In an industry full of bad actors, we are excited to lead-by-example and demonstrate output with our product launches. ”

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