Enjin Crypto Wallet launches in-app token conversion

Enjin Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet application that utilizes the latest NSA-grade encryption and supports over 700 cryptocurrencies including non-fungible ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, has today revealed that their next wallet update will feature in-wallet token conversion, enabling users to seamlessly trade tokens through three leading conversion platforms: Bancor Network, Changelly, and Kyber Network.

Users will be able to choose the most suitable exchange option based on price, transfer speed, and available trading pairs, allowing them to swap between over 170 currencies without ever leaving their Enjin cryptocurrency wallet and without the possibility of compromising funds by leaving them on an exchange.

“We are very proud to work with Kyber, Changelly, and Bancor to make this a reality. By the same token, we all share a very similar vision for what cryptocurrency can mean to the world, yet we’re all working to solve very different problems,” said Enjin CEO Maxim Blagov.

“It’s extremely exciting to collaborate with active builders in this space. Not to mention, together, we can breathe new life into this market by creating the tools needed for tangible adoption, which is what will ultimately create a sustainable, stable cryptocurrency market,” continued Blagov.

Loi Luu, CEO of Kyber Network added: “Cryptocurrency wallets like Enjin are an important gateway for people who are new to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and this is one area Kyber has supported from the start. This successful integration with Enjin is a testament to how Kyber allows decentralized token swaps to be embedded into any wallet and Dapp for seamless user experience.”

The next update to the Enjin Wallet will be launched to Google Play and the App Store on January 29th.

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