Crypto money transfer firm Bitspark to reward users who send funds abroad with first token listing

Bitspark, a cryptocurrency money transfer platform today announced it will be enabling users to earn funds by sending cross-border transactions with the listing of its Zephyr (ZEPH) token on RightBTC, a Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange.

“Our goal is the create a more convenient and efficient way for people, particularly the unbanked, to make cross-border payments with cryptocurrency. This ZEPH token listing is a great step towards that goal,” said Maxine Ryan, Co-Founder, and COO of Bitspark.

This is the first listing of Bitspark’s ZEPH token on a centralized exchange.

Bitspark, which also launched its new website today, aims to bring low-cost and efficient settlements to cross-border transactions for the global money transfer industry, which is well known for charging premium transaction fees for moving funds across borders.

The ZEPH token is an incentive for users to utilize the Bitspark money transfer network for payments and to reward newly onboarded customers to join the network.

“With ZEPH token, users will not only save money but they will also make money because they earn ZEPH when using Bitspark to send money across the world,” said George Harrap, Co-Founder, and CEO of Bitspark.

“At RightBTC, we pride ourselves on listing the best assets that will bring tremendous value to not just the blockchain ecosystem but to traditional industries. Bitspark and ZEPH have transformative technology that will truly shape the cross border payments industry as we know it,” said Carrie Song, Executive Vice President of RightBTC.

ZEPH has been traded exclusively on the Bitshares DEX, since November 2017 when the token sale concluded.

A percentage of fees charged on the Bitspark network (25 percent) is used for the buyback of the ZEPH token from the market on the Bitshares DEX ensuring a strong correlation with transaction volume and fees on the Bitspark money transfer network. Bitspark has successfully bought back at least 1.8 percent (valued at US$15,000) of the total amount raised.

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