Ammbr’s blockchain-driven wireless mesh routers to be deployed in India

Global Blockchain Mining Corp. (FORK) recently announced that US-based AmmbrTech, Inc., which develops and manufactures the suite of blockchain-driven wireless mesh routers for Ammbr Foundation, has partnered with Smartware Technologies Pvt Ltd. for deployment of Ammbr routers and Ammbr’s blockchain micropayment architecture to underpin a licensed franchise model for voice, data and content delivery across India.

Smartware is a Class A licensed Pan-Indian Internet service provider, based out of Mumbai. FORK first announced its partnership with Ammbr in October of 2018, for the development of its blockchain-based network.

Smartware’s CTO highlighted the market imperatives of India, commenting, “Vast geographical distances, diversity of deployments from massive, densely populated cities to rural villages and the full spectrum of socio-economic environments can be daunting and costly for any single operator of a telecom network. Ammbr technology allows us to harness this diversity and easily partner with franchisees that know their specific local markets. Ultimately this will prove our approach to be highly sustainable in terms of financial, technical and social factors.”

Smartware plans to operate a national network infrastructure and has access to additional infrastructure through its extensive partner network. This includes network operations centers (NOCs), fiber optic networks, Internet Exchanges (IXs) and Points of Presence (PoPs). Its aim is to rapidly deploy last-mile infrastructure to service government, enterprise and retail customers utilizing its national backhaul capacity and its access to international sub-sea fiber networks.

The first deployments of Ammbr technology will be in 53 Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities and 15,000 villages in the Maharashtra Province of India, for which Smartware has been selected to provide services to corporate and government clients. An extensive requirement analysis and planning phase will culminate in the initial roll-out for mid-2019 and scaling up through 2020.

“We will establish local manufacturing of Ammbr devices in order to serve the anticipated market volumes and meet local content requirements from some customers,” says Kumar Subramanian, Chairman of AmmbrTech India, an AmmbrTech subsidiary.

Derick Smith, CEO of AmmbrTech added, “The low capital expenditure and operating expenditure proposition of our solutions drives down the costs of infrastructure deployment and allows multiple business entities to seamlessly interoperate in what effectively is an inclusive marketplace for broadband connectivity.”

“The relationship with Smartware is ideal for AmmbrTech, because their customer base, skill set, infrastructure and licensing ticks all the boxes on our wish list. With them in our corner we can really scale quickly and widely,” says AmmbrTech co-founder and Group Strategy Officer, Rakesh Rajagopal.

Simon Ditner, who is the Chief Technologist at FORK added, “This deal with Smartware is great for Ammbr, it will result in a level of network adoption that most wireless mesh networks haven’t been able to attain to date. This will also be one of the most prominent use cases of blockchain technology; our team at FORK is thrilled to have helped to bring it to fruition, with many more groundbreaking blockchain projects in the pipeline.”

Token Sale Now Live

Also, the anticipated crowdsale for the Ammbr (AMR) token began today at 9:00 am EST on Singularity Exchange. The AMR token is the proprietary crypto asset of a blockchain-based network developed by Ammbr Foundation Pte Ltd., which facilitates the automated buying and selling of Internet bandwidth.

Using router hardware developed by Ammbr, users with broadband Internet connectivity can sell their excess bandwidth to nearby users through Ammbr’s autonomous marketplace, secured and managed by blockchain technology. The vision is for a multitude of routers to operate around the world, as a method of providing “last mile” Internet access to regions and communities that otherwise have no means of accessing the Internet. The AMR token will facilitate automated micropayments for bandwidth transactions, making the user experience completely seamless for both buyers and sellers.

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