Mobile app of DEX aggregator Totle now live on AlphaWallet and imToken

Totle, a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator and portfolio manager for trading ERC-20 tokens today announced that Totle Mobile is now live on AlphaWallet and imToken’s DApp browsers.

Partnering with mobile wallets and DApp browsers such as AlphaWallet and imToken helps Totle reach its goals of making decentralized trading easier and more accessible to all.

Getting started is easy, users just need to download the AlphaWallet app (available on iOS and Android) and imToken app (available on iOS and Android), create or import a wallet, and navigate to Totle in the DApp browser. Once connected to Totle, it will display all ERC-20 tokens currently in the user’s wallet.

With the Totle interface, users can buy/sell tokens, track their portfolio performance on a daily, weekly, annual, or all-time basis, and reallocate tokens with just a few swipes.

DApp Browsers

AlphaWallet – is an Ethereum based mobile wallet that builds wallets and protocols to support the DApp economy. Anyone can build using their infrastructure. The platform is completely open source, launched on Ethereum’s mainnet in May of this year, and has a team based out of Singapore.

imToken – is an Ethereum mobile light-wallet that provides a simple and secure digital asset management tool: secure transactions, wallet creation or import wallet, and real-time market updates. imToken 2.0 has recently added a native token swap and a revamped DApp browser.

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