Bity makes available crypto exchange API for 3rd party integration

Swiss-based cryptocurrency exchange and ATM network company Bity announced today that its crypto exchange API is now available for integration to any business or third party who wants to give their customers the on and off ramps they need to seamlessly enter and exit the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market.

The Bity API enables programmable instant buys, sells, and trades of cryptocurrencies and tokens without customers having to create an account or go through a slow KYC process on

As of now, ether (ETH), bitcoin (BTC), and augur (REP) are available, with more token and digital asset support coming soon.

Instant automation made is possible due to Bity’s wallet-ownership-proof verification technology that allows the company to extend KYC-less, Swiss regulation compliant, cryptocurrency exchange services of up to 5,000 CHF per year.

The API is different from traditional API integrations as Bity never holds or take ownership of customer funds. This completely eliminates custodial risk and keeps ownership power in customer’s hands.

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