SyncFab manufacturing blockchain testnet established, reveals DApp 3.0

SyncFab, the first peer-to-peer blockchain for the manufacturing supply chain today shared some new developments now underway and provided users a sneak peek of the upcoming 3.0 DApp.

First and foremost, SyncFab’s permissioned blockchain network has been successfully set up in a testnet and the team is currently working on the chain code implementation and the integration of the network with client applications. This is a major part of the project and the mainnet is now estimated to be up and running early Q1 2019. SyncFac will start by tracking the parts’ lifecycle from order to delivery and slowly move into tracking additional business assets on the blockchain.

DApp 3.0 Sneak Peek

Furthermore, there will be big changes coming to the SyncFab platform. The team has created a brand new style guide and a new dark-themed user interface.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Dennis Delgado, Chief Design Officer of SyncFab” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“With our v3 DApp buildout, our product team has decided to incorporate Google Material Design components and principles as an effort to establish a new standard of blockchain usability.”[/perfectpullquote]

The new design will accompany improved processes. SyncFab is introducing a simpler and quicker way for users to submit RFQs (requests for quotes). Users will simply be able to upload their drawings and PO’s (purchase orders), and the system does the rest. Drawings are automatically matched with existing drawings from the user’s Parts Library or the system creates new parts, updating the Library. The RFQ and PO lists also got a facelift. Users can quickly manage and monitor the progress of their PO’s from the redesigned list view. MFG tokens will be able to be applied to RFQs by buyers to incentivize more manufacturing suppliers to quote jobs.

SyncFab seeks to revolutionize the hardware manufacturing supply chain for Industry 4.0 by connecting buyers directly with manufacturers using the MFG Token.

Revamp of Internal Operations Tool

SyncFab’s Procurement Managers make sure that every RFQ is vetted and that every PO stays unblocked, expediting the production and delivery of the manufactured parts. In order to increase our internal operational efficiency and minimize data discrepancies, SyncFab is now improving the capabilities and user interface of the internal platform and is developing digital checklists to ensure a seamless experience for users.