Coinvest to support 6 initial coins for crypto exchange ecosystem launch

Coinvest today announced the inaugural list of supported digital assets for the Coinvest ecosystem consisting of the Coinvest Wallet, Coinvest Plus Exchange, and Coinvest Vault Hardware Wallet. The assets listed on Coinvest meet strict standards of quality, compliance, traction, and security.

Alongside the Coinvest native token, COIN, users can now buy, sell, send, receive, and store Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The ecosystem will also be supporting BAT, a widely utilized Ethereum-based token. Finally, the Coinvest ecosystem will be supporting GUSD as its native stablecoin. GUSD is the stable coin backed by Gemini.

These assets represent over 60% of the total available market cap and are representative of a diverse range of industries such as independent blockchains, payment systems, advertising, hosting services and others.

Each of these assets will have a BTC, ETH, COIN, and GUSD trading unit, combining for a total of 14 markets at launch.